Key Consultation Solutions (KCS) assists small to medium business by:

Technical Expertise

  • Providing technical expertise and support/staying abreast of legal requirements and providing advice.

Communication and Consultation

  • Facilitating communication initiatives/ facilitate the communication of H&S information between Management and the workers /build and enhance their relationships with local regulators where required.

Planning & Strategy

  • Developing H&S strategic plans and formulate concise agreed action plans/ periodic review of the action plan.

Site Audits & Inspections

  • Undertaking regular inspections of sites/ audit and review programs as required/ ensure processes are in place to monitor the completion of corrective and preventive actions/ identify and promote multi-site safety improvements

Mentoring for Business Owners and Managers (Walk the Talk)

  • Aligning H&S priorities and responsibilities/ provide face-to face and remote on-going and regular support to business owners and Managers/ coach line management in H&S leadership behaviours / promote H&S objectives, targets and focus areas during site visits and attendance at meetings and toolbox talks.

Incident/Injury Management and Investigations

  • Setting up incident/incident management procedures and processes and where required provide hand-on assistance with managing injuries/ lead and or participate in the investigation of regulator reportable H&S incidents / formulate safety alerts.

Analysis and Reporting

  • Set up a system to analyse H&S performance.


  • Design and implement training initiatives and programs and coordinate and provide training as required/ training needs analysis and planning.

Employee Health and Wellness Support

  • Help identify and implement initiatives to improve employee’s general health and wellness i.e. mental health, smoking, maintaining a healthy weight etc.

Human Resources Support

  • People Management such as compensation and benefits, recruiting and hiring employees, onboarding employees, performance management, training, and organisation development and culture.

CIRT System (please see enclosed information)

  • Champion the use of the CIRT system/ work with businesses to so they understand that CIRT is a systematic and comprehensive process for managing safety risks

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